Founded by husband and wife team Chef Dan Leung and Wanda Lai — The Rise Global Fusion Eatery is both a culinary playground and home away from home.

Chef Dan leads our kitchen with passion, innovation, and over 20 years of professional culinary experience. His limitless imagination, adoration for Vancouver’s ethnic diversity and global cuisines are the fire behind the creative dishes on the menu. Each dish shines, lovingly crafted with fresh, seasonal, locally sourced ingredients.

innovative culinary creations bring about a feeling of nostalgic remembrance for familiar flavours and a sense of childlike wonder in how they are reimagined.

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Founder & Executive Chef


Dan Leung’s path to becoming Chef Dan was not a linear one. Despite having a natural curiosity for cooking, the lack of encouragement in this area during his youth led to Dan straying away from the culinary arts and into the trade of electronics and mechanics. His success in the restaurant industry is a testament to how talent, courage and the support of loved ones can create new and seemingly impossible opportunities a reality.

Founder & General Manager

Wanda lai

A certain rhythm is required for sustained success in the restaurant industry. While Chef Dan takes care of the kitchen, Wanda ensures it all runs smoothly - all the while bringing people together in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Wanda is in fine tune with the often chaotic nature of the kitchen. Her rhythm, always warm demeanour, a passion for hosting and a talent for connecting with all sorts of people make Wanda the heart that binds The Rise together.

Sous Chef

thu le

Sous Chef Thu is a young talent trained at VCC’s Professional Culinary Program. Starting as an apprentice at The Rise in 2019 — Chef Thu has developed tremendously in her chosen profession since.

When you think of the stereotypical movie depiction of a chef, what comes to mind?

Now think the exact opposite and you have Thu — whose expertise and sheer love for what she does is only matched by her kind disposition. Our new hires are lucky to be trained by Thu, who leads by example with gentleness, warmth, and patience.

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